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Why You Want This

You want this because as a business owner, you have struggled with the feeling that no matter how much time or money you spend on social media, it doesn’t do much good for your brand.

That is the harsh reality for most businesses, and it’s made worse by the fact that we are amidst a rapidly evolving market in which consumers are already social. Every day they are actively looking for new ways to connect and engage.

The UNATION platform caters to this new market. Our powerful events and branding network allows your business to look the way you want it to look, and showcase the content that’s most important for you.


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Why We Want This




UNATION is a social network that allows you to create meaningful and relevant events, built around your unique brand. Utilizing the power of an event, you can more efficiently identify and engage your best customers, and more importantly, enable those customers to spread the word to their relevant friends who may also be interested in your unique content.

We want this because it creates an opportunity for us to exercise the skill-set we have honed, and it allows us to prove to the world that there is a better way to showcase your business and engage your audience.

We knew that our first objective was to bring in everyone that we could reach out and touch. We called these first users “pre-launch anchors” and to date, we’ve on-boarded hundreds of these businesses, brands and celebrities. This process has taken us to some incredible places…

We welcomed Tianna Bartoletta home after her gold medal trip to the London Olympics, we enabled thousands of soccer fans to follow their favorite teams as we streamed over 100 games from the USL Soccer 2012 season, and we helped the legendary band Obituary live stream their NYC concert across the globe.

It’s free, click Join Us and let’s get started already.

Project 1000

The purpose of Project 1000 is to assist the first one thousand small businesses and brands more effectively use social media by leveraging the power of meaningful and relevant events. What is an event? An event can be anything. A product launch; an end of the month sale; a short video or live stream explaining your business; a private offering to your best customers; and so much more. All of which are easily supported by using the functionality of your UNATION page.

”From the start, our objective was to give
everyone a voice, with respect to controlling their brand,
and to level the playing field through relevant events.”

John Bartoletta, Founder/Chairman

Let’s face it, the way existing and potential customers search and shop online is changing faster than anyone can keep up with. Business owners don’t have the time to update their website daily or money to drive new traffic to their landing pages. UNATION’s state-of-the-art apps and social network platform allows you to connect with your existing customers, as well as allowing new customers to find your events…instantly.

The first thousand businesses to partake in Project 1000 will receive a complimentary UNATION Plus account, which then entitles that business to upgraded apps, weekly education webinars and assistance in setting up branding pages and events.

”The absolute perfect way to launch our company
is to help as many people and businesses realize
their online presence and social potential.”

George Beardsley, Co-Founder/CSO

Join us as we prepare to launch the first public version of UNATION to the world. We need your support, and we are ready to help you take your brand to the next level.

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